The Sad Story

konstantinov-holds-the-stanley-cup.jpgOne night after a Red Wings game, Konstantinov got in a limo to go back to his hotel or his house.  Well it was sort of slippery out that night.  They were almost to the destination when the limo slipped of the road into a tree.  Konstantinov had bad head injuries and nearly died.  Meanwhile, the Red Wings had made it to the Finals with the Washington Capitals.  The Wings were heart broken when they heard about Vladdy.  If they won the next game, the would be the Stanley Cup Champions without Vladdy.  (This was a couple months after the crash.) The Wings were in the middle of the final game, when they saw Vladdy.  Everyone was clapping.  The Wings ended up winning the game.  They were the Stanley cup Champions.  Steve Yzerman picked up the cup and instead up lifting it up, he handed it to Vladimir.  That, in my opinion, is the best Stanley Cup in history.


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